20 prison officers summoned after Epstein’s death


20 officers of the prison where Epstein died were summoned to take the stand. A person anonymously reported about it to Associated Press as grand hearings are going to be secret.

Prosecutors are told to invite the officers to testify voluntarily but they denied as there were not any guarantees of immunity that would defend them from criminal proceedings.

On condition that the officers would be asked by a grand jury, some of them could appeal to the right on the Fifth Amendment in order to avoid self-incriminatory statements. The subpoenas supposed that the Powers could carry out criminal charges against New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center employees where Epstein passed away on August 10.  

After Epstein’s death, new evidences have been come up that presents the rejection by prison employees to be held responsible for preventing a 66-year-old man from suicide while he was waiting for his hearing on sexual violation against teen girls.

Last week a Justice Department official reported to AP that some people including guards did not cooperate with the proceeding. The warden was moved and some guards took their vacations after Epstein’s death.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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