McGahn won’t appear at Democtrats’ hearing on Mueller report Monday

Muller’s investigation

Democrats’ series of hearings on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, the first one of which is scheduled on Monday and will cover presidential obstruction, may not look as they’d wanted it to.

Jerrold Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, wanted Donald McGahn, former White House counsel, to appear at the hearing and shed light on whether President Donald Trump tried to end Mueller’s investigation on its early stage. However, McGahn won’t come to the hearing on Monday. Another former White House counsel will be a witness instead of McGahn, reports say.

Elliott Williams, former Justice Department official currently working as a lawyer for the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that such “ witness lineup would be perfect for a prime time cable news show. But this isn’t cable news.”

“And we’re past that point. We need to hear, on the record, from the folks who wrote the report,” he added.

Yet, Democrats argue that Dean and other witnesses would “provide a historical and legal perspective,” which would help them lay the ground for a case against the sitting president.
“We’ve been doing our due diligence,” said Hank Johnson, member of the panel. “These are all steps that are logical. They are appropriate. They are methodical.”


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