FBI never had final reports on Russian hacking

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Former US Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who led a 22-month long investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential election, concluded that “the Russian government interfered in the 2016 election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” However, let’s look into the origins of the investigation and the evidence gathered by the FBI throughout the investigation.

CrowdStrike, American Cybersecurity Technology Company hired and paid by the Democratic National Committee in order to examine allegedly hacked computer servers, found that DNC servers were hacked and were hacked by Russians. Yet, the company never produced the final report to prove its conclusions. Why? Because it was not required to do it. In other words, US authorities hired a private company to investigate the matter of election interference and took its word for it when concluded that Russia hacked the DNC.

While Roger Stone, former Trump campaign staffer, is awaiting the trial, as he has been charged with obstruction of justice, misleading Congress and intimidating a witness, his lawyers asked CrowdStrike to provide them with un-redacted reports on Russian interference. The court filing by the government, which came as a response said: “The government…does not possess the information the defendant seeks.”  The footnote of the filing states that “although the reports produced to the defendant are marked ‘draft,’ counsel for the DNC and DCCC informed the government that they are the last version of the report produced.“

The last and final version of the CrowdStrike reports were three redacted “drafts,” which DNC later “voluntarily” gave to the FBI. It is worth mentioning that according to CrowdStrike, the main evidence of Russia hacking the DNC servers was Cyrillic letters in the metadata and the name of the first Chief of Soviet Intelligence.  

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