A mother of three sentenced to seven years in prison for trying to defend her children

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Bogdana Osipova-Mobley, Russian-born mother of three, was sentenced to seven years in federal prison Thursday for alleged kidnapping and attempting to extort money from her former husband Brian Mobley, a US citizen and an Air Force recruiter in Wichita, Kansas.

Osipova has claimed that in 2014 she and her children, then-one-year-old daughter and a son from a previous marriage, were victims of domestic abuse, despite the fact that she was pregnant with her second child from Mobley at the time, therefore, she took the children and returned to Russia. However, American judge dismissed the claim for the lack of evidence.

Osipova has already spent a year and a half in custody, as she was detained in 2017 upon arrival to the US, when she came to settle the matter with her now-ex-husband. While Osipova is in the US prison, her children are with her aunt in Russia. While caiming that he wants to be reunited with his children Mobley refuses to provide them with any financial assistance.  

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Houston, Texas, claimed that the case is “another violation of the Russian citizen’s rights by the US authorities. She was de-facto sentenced to seven years for asking her former husband to pay alimony. This ruling is unfair and inhumane.”

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