A series of articles: “victims” of Muller investigation

Muller’s investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his 22-month long investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the redacted version of the report, which found there was no collusion between the US president Donald Trump and Russian authorities, went public in April. Now that the probe is over, some of the key witnesses, including Roger Stone and George Papadopoulos, spoke out, revealing that Mueller’s investigators pressured them.

Methods, used by Mueller’s prosecutors and FBI agents, were described as “scorched earth” ones. Many of those, interrogated by Mueller and his team, say that Mueller’s methods harshly affected their mental and financial health. They have also said that Mueller’s investigators threatened to send them to prison “for life” or drag their family members into the investigation. Muller’s team obtained not only their emails or private messages, but also their call and travel records, and even looked through their Google searches. A bit excessive, isn’t it?

Attorney General William Barr has reviewed Mueller’s investigation, yet it’s not clear whether he looked into the way Mueller’s team conducted it. At his first press conference since the report was published, Mueller stated that his prosecutors and investigators conducted the probe in a “fair and independent manner” with “the highest integrity.”

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