Abortion Law was banned in Indiana


A law on a second-trimester abortion procedure was banned by a federal judge in Indiana that must have come into force on July 1.

According to so-called “dismemberment abortion”, a doctor who perform abortion can be accused and punished by imprisonment for a term of 6 years.

A Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court Sarah Evans Barker noted that it

“prohibits physicians from utilizing the most common, safest, often most cost effective, and best understood method of second trimester abortion, requiring them instead to resort to alternatives that are medically riskier, more costly, less reliable, and in some instances simply unavailable, while accomplishing little more than expressing hostility towards the constitutionally fundamental right of women to control their own reproductive lives.”

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed Indiana’s appeal on abortion ban based on gender, race and disability.

During a hearing, Barker wondered why the state would make women receive prematurely inducing labor or injecting dangerous drugs into the fetus which are “highly risky” for human.

Such laws were banned in several states. Besides, abortion opponents in Indiana expected that U.S. Supreme Court were opposed to these bans.

The states of Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio signed a bill on abortion on the 6 week pregnancy, while the state of Missouri – eight-week ban on abortion, apart from medical emergencies. The state of Alabama banned abortion at all no matter what can happen. However, all these laws have not come into force yet.

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