Adam Schiff on impeaching Trump: We may get there


Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, claimed Sunday that he was “not prepared to recommend” impeachment against the US President Donald Trump.

In an interview with “State of the Union” of CNN Jake Tapper told Schiff that 75 House Democrats were calling for impeachment proceedings to begin and asked him whether he believed Trump would face impeachment. The Congressman said that he didn’t know the answer to that question and added that “the administration and the president seem to be doing everything they can, everything they can to push us into an impeachment.”
“And we may get there. We may get there,” Schiff said.

“At this point, as you say, a third of our caucus is there, and two-thirds is not there.

What would get me to that point is, if we get to a final court decision compelling administration to provide testimony and documents, and they still refuse, then I think we’re in a full-blown constitutional crisis that would compel that kind of remedy.

I may get there before that point, Jake. So I continue to listen to people that I respect greatly within our caucus, constitutional lawyers like Larry Tribe and others, and weigh this, I think, every day, and have continued discussions with the speaker about it.

But, at this point, I’m not prepared to recommend it.”

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