Adam Schiff threatened to subpoena FBI


Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, after the hearing held on Wednesday threatened to issue a subpoena against the FBI in order to obtain documents that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was based on.

Schiff said that there were “many critical questions” which Mueller left unanswered. In his opening statement Schiff listed the questions the committee was determined to get answers to.

“What happened to the counterintelligence investigation? Were there other forms of compromise, like money laundering, left out, uninvestigated or referred to other offices? Were individuals granted security clearances that shouldn’t have them? And are there individuals still operating in the administration that leave America vulnerable?”

After the hearing Schiff told reporters that although FBI was requested to brief the Committee on “constellation of counterintelligence investigations” into Trump-Russia collusion, the bureau has not fulfilled the request, therefore he would “use whatever compulsion is necessary” to get the necessary information.

“The FBI has an obligation by the National Security Act to brief us on a recent counterintelligence matter. If there are ongoing counterintelligence investigations involving people around the president, they must inform us,” he said.

“If we don’t get an answer soon, we’ll be issuing subpoenas.”

“I’m not going to comment on a specific date, but we are determined to get answers and we are running out of patience,” Schiff said.


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