Adam Schiff: We want to flesh out counterintelligence issues


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff commented on the upcoming hearing, which would be held on Wednesday and focus on Trump campaign links to Moscow.

Schiff said that he wanted to hear answers to the questions that are not fully covered in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, particularly whether Trump – Moscow contacts could be seen as a national security threat.

“If the president was trying to make money in Russia during the campaign and concealing it, that’s a counterintelligence nightmare. If the campaign chairman was trying to make money from Russians and concealing it, that’s a counterintelligence nightmare. If others in the administration have financial entanglements driving U.S. policy, those are counterintelligence problems of the first order,” Schiff said, reported The Hill.

“None of that is really discussed in that fashion in the report, which is basically a report about prosecutorial decision-making. So, we want to flesh out the counterintelligence issues,” he added.

Schiff has also claimed that Special Counsel himself should appear before the committee panel. “We really need to have him come in and testify, and I still hope that he will do so voluntarily,” he said. “So, we’re trying to see if that’s possible, but he really does need to come and talk about his report, answer questions about his report. After two years, 10 minutes is really not sufficient.” 


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