“Back on track” negotiations between the US and China


The US President Donald Trump “had a really good meeting” with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday in Japan.

Nevertheless, nobody knows wether the U.S. imposes additional taxes on China. But any raise of tariff on $300 billion of Chinese imports is expected to suffer the financial position of consumers. Especially, it would play a significant role for low-income ones who are going to vote for cheap imports in the 2020 election.

It is known that the trade war can reduce one percentage point of economic growth in China. At that time, U.S. officials noted that a trade deal was “90 percent” finished in the beginning of May.

The U.S. insists on structural changes to the Chinese economy. Such issues as the transfer of proprietary technologies from U.S. companies and changes of subsidies and other advantages that China uses will be raised in advance.

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