Barr’s new policy means months in detention for thousands migrants


On Tuesday the Attorney General, William Barr, said that asylum seekers that begin in expedited removal, in which they cannot see a judge, and transferred then to full removal proceedings, where they have to wait to make their case before a judge, are not to be released on bond. It means that those seeking asylum and waiting for a decision on their status will be kept in detention centers, where they can wait from months to a year or even longer. 

“This ruling gives [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] the legal authority to detain all of these people indefinitely,” said a policy analyst Sarah Pierce. “That’s if they have the capacity. So I think the actual effect of this ruling will be severely limited by ICE’s capacity.” 

Barr’s new policy means months in detention for thousands migrants

“The attorney general’s decision is the latest attempt by this administration to punish asylum seekers for seeking refuge in the United States by locking them up in immigration prisons,” said Michael Tan, an attorney for the ACLU. “But the Constitution does not allow the government to incarcerate asylum seekers without basic due process.

We’ll see the administration in court.” Tan is allegedly preparing to sue the administration over this new policy. 
Barr says his decision should go into effect in 90 days.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya