Bogdana Osipova convicted in US released open letter of gratitude


Bogdana Osipova-Mobley, sentenced to 84 months is federal prison for alleged parental kidnapping, released a letter Tuesday in order to express gratitude to the Russian government and her supporters, Russian news agency TASS reported Tuesday.

“I would like to express by huge gratitude to my family, relatives, friends, my Russian and US lawyers, the Russian government and its representatives and all people all over the world who supported me in those difficult times. Thank you all. It’s hard to believe in the discriminatory attitude, hatred and lawlessness demonstrated by US Attorney Jason Hart and Judge Eric Melgren. My defense team is filing an appeal. We will keep our struggle for truth and justice!”

Osipova, Russian-born mother of three, has claimed that when she took her kids and left the US she was “fleeing a domestic tyrant and abuser to save her children and her own life,” yet court dismissed the claim and sentenced her to seven years for “unlawfully taking her daughter to Russia and demanding money before allowing the American father to have custody of the girl.”

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