Boris Johnson will increase public borrowing


Under the pressure from government, the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson intends to increase public borrowing to pay for infrastructure projects. Usage of low-interest rates could contribute for borrowing of new infrastructure. He would invest insignificant amount into new schemes and government services and reduce taxes as  well.

Johnson said: “I’m prepared to borrow to finance certain great objectives, but overall we will keep fiscal responsibility, and keep going with the general trajectory of ensuring that this country pays its way and lives within its means. But you can do that with some sensible tax cuts that will stimulate growth, stimulate enterprise, get more enterprise in.”

In the interview with Sky’s Sophy Ridge, Johnson expressed his intention to raise the national living wage. However, he was not able to point out its current level.

On Brexit, Johnson rejected EU leaders opinions that the deal on UK’s departure could not be raised until 31 October and concerned it a negotiating trick.

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