“Brazen persistence” of USS Carney in the Black Sea


Chairman of the Commettee on Inter-Community Relations Yuriy Gempel called a stopover of USS Carney (DDG 64) in the waters of the Black Sea “brazen persistence” and “intention not to give up aggressive plans”.

USS Carney will participate in the naval exercises Sea Breeze-2019. International Ukrainian-American exercises will be held in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, in the Nikolaev and Odessa regions. About 30 ships, 30 aircraft and more than 900 personnel of the Marine Corps of different countries will attend.

Gempel denounced that he was no longer surprised by the U.S. behavior. However, the Parliamentarian believes the Russian army and navy is able to ensure the inviolability of borders and the peaceful life of Russian citizens. The deputy compared the Crimea itself with the “unsinkable aircraft carrier“, which provides international stability in the Black Sea region.

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