Congressman’s wife pleads guilty to violating campaign finance law


Margaret Hunter, California Representative Duncan Hunter’s wife, pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance law.  Hunters were accused of using campaign funds for personal use, vacations, private school for their children, lavish dinners and plane tickets for their pet.

Margaret pleaded guilty to conspiring with her husband and spending more than $200,000. Through her lawyers Tom McNamara and Logan Smith Margaret Hunter said that she was “deeply remorseful” and apologized.

“I have accepted full responsibility for my conduct,” she said at the case hearing on Thursday, which Mr. Hunter did not attend. He has stated that he does not “have the full details of Margaret’s case, but it’s obvious that the Department of Justice went after her to get me for political reasons.”

“The fact remains that this entire matter should have been handled by the Federal Election Commission,” he added.

In a 2018 interview with Fox News Rep. Hunter said that his wife was managing his finances and he himself had not spent any money illegally.

Mr. Hunters lawyer Gregory Vega stated that charges against Ms. Hunter would not immediately affect the Congressman as there are “still significant motions that need to be litigated.”

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