Corrections officers beating restrained inmates



Authorities released a video of Cleveland officers beating a restrained inmate, media news report.

Having turned off his body camera Nicholas Evans, Cuyahoga County corrections officer, is seen beating the Inmate, Terrance Debose, who reportedly suffered a concussion after several times being severely punched on the face. Another officer Timothy Dugan then also hit Debose. Both officers were charged with felonious assault, unlawful restraint and interfering with civil rights.

However, that is not the only incident, which happened in the Cuyahoga County Jail. Another recently revealed video shows two corrections officers punching a woman in a restraint chair and then using pepper spray right in her eyes.

Video from the same jail released Tuesday shows an inmate, Joseph Arquillo, collapsing from an overdose, yet being ignored for more than two hours. Arquillo later died at a hospital.

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