Democrats to subpoena Robert Mueller

Muller’s investigation

House Democrats are to subpoena former Special Counsel Robert Mueller if he does not testify voluntarily, CNN reported Thursday. 

Democratic Representative David Cicilline that subpoena against Mueller would be issued “in very short order.”

“I think there is still some hope that there will be an agreement reached that the special counsel will come voluntarily, but I think the chairman has made it very clear that he intends to be certain that the American people hear from Mr. Mueller, and if that requires a subpoena, I have every confidence the chairman will issue one,” Cicilline stated.

Mueller appeared in public last month with a statement that his report did not exonerate the US President Donald Trump and since then Democrats have wanted him to testify publicly. Jerry Nadler, Judiciary Committee Chairman, said last month that he would subpoena Mueller “within weeks” if he refuses to testify. Another top Democrat Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Chairman, also wants former Special Counsel to testify, yet behind closed doors, about the counterintelligence parts of the report.

When asked whether he was going to subpoena Mueller at Thursday’s hearing, Nadler said: “I’m not going to answer that at this time.”

Mueller, who refuses to testify in public, explained that even if he testifies, he would not saying anything that is not in the report. “The report is my testimony,” he said.


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