Donald Trump: Democrats are guilty of many, many crimes


US President Donald Trump has spoken to the reporters about the ongoing Democrats’ investigations into his presidency and their legislative priorities.

“Now look, Nancy is a mess. The Democratic Party is a mess. They’re doing everything they can to win the election in 2020,” Trump told reporters, gathered outside of the White House. The President claimed that Democrats have committed many crimes.

“They are guilty of many crimes. Many, many crimes what they’ve done,” he said. “They are guilty of many, many crimes and hopefully in a short period of time that’ll be seen.” “They should never have done what they’ve done,” he added.

Trump accused Democrats of not doing their job properly. The President claimed that instead of dealing with illegal immigration, infrastructure, or drug prices, Democrats are busy investigating alleged obstruction.

“They’re not doing anything, they’ve come to a halt.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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