Donald Trump: Democrats put Hope Hicks “through hell”


Former White House Communication Director Hope Hicks testified before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, reported ABC News.

Hicks is the first Trump official who testified before panel and answered questions about possible obstruction of justice by the sitting President Donald Trump. The interrogation behind closed doors lasted for about eight hours and left many Democrats unsatisfied as Ms. Hicks did not answer questions about her time in the White House. The transcript of the hearing was released Thursday.

One day before the testimony White House sent a letter to Jerrold Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, saying that “the President has directed Ms. Hicks not to answer questions before the Committee relating to the time of her service as a senior adviser to the President.” Nadler rejected the assertion and claimed that “questions will be posed to her and we will address privilege and other objections on question by question basis.”

The same day President Trump tweeted that Hicks was put “through hell.”



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