Donald Trump facing at least 15 investigations and it “plays to his benefit”


US President Donald Trump is currently facing at least 15 investigations by federal, state and city agencies into his every action, reported Politico.

Those investigating are looking into his actions as a president, his presidential campaign, his business, his charity and his personal finances. In a recent interview with ABC News Trump stated that Democrats “are trying to do: step, step, step. They want to keep it going as long as possible to try to demean and hurt as much as possible so they can possibly win the presidential election. They’re not going to win the presidential election. Nobody’s done, in two-and-a-half years, the job I’ve done as president.”

On Tuesday President Trump is launching his 2020 campaign and he is reportedly not going to avoid talking about the ongoing investigations. Ron Bonjean, a Republican strategist, said that current situation “plays to his [Trump’s] benefit.”

“He’s actually thriving off of these investigations because he’s turned it into a so-called witch hunt where he’s using these to his advantage to show that the establishment deep state, along with the media, is trying to derail his efforts to change the way things are done,” Bonjean said.

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