Donald Trump: Nancy Pelosi knows what she’s doing


Sean Hannity, host of the political show and a political commentator, has expressed an opinion that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the “speaker in name only,” yet the US President Donald Trump does not share his opinion.

In an exclusive interview with Donald Trump aired Wednesday, Fox News’ host said he believed that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was “the biggest star,” meaning that she was the real speaker. President Trump did not agree. “ I don’t really agree with you,” he said.

“I think Nancy Pelosi probably has control of it. I hear different things, but I really think she does and she knows what she’s doing and so we’ll see how it all comes out.”

Trump and Hannity talked about the ongoing investigations conducted by the House. Trump stated that Pelosi “hands out subpoenas like they’re cookies.” “The Democrats fight a dirtier fight,” he added. “It’s too bad.” Other issues, including immigration and the upcoming G20 Summit, where President Trump is going to meet with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, were also disussed in an interview. 


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