Ex-FBI agents to testify on Mueller report Wednesday

Muller’s investigation

House Democrats is to hold another hearing on Wednesday covering alleged collusion between Trump campaign and Russian officials and featuring former FBI leaders, Robert Anderson, former Executive Assistant Director of counterintelligence, and Stephanie Douglas, former Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch.

Both Anderson and Douglas retired from FBI before Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was launched. Democrats have invited them to testify as they are considered to be more “neutral and devoid of the political baggage,” reported AP News. But the fact that former agents did not work on Trump – Russia investigation may cause Republicans trying to undermine their credibility as witnesses.

The main witness of the previous hearing was John Dean, former US President Richard Nixon White House counsel, who claimed that Donald Trump did obstruct justice and drew a parallel between President Trump’s actions and those of President Nixon.

Special Counsel did not find any conspiracy between Trump and Russia, but covered certain cases of Trump-Russia contacts.

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