FBI use of facial recognition technology may be temporary banned


US lawmakers want to ban use of facial recognition technology for the FBI as it reportedly has a database of about 640 million pictures. Yet, as noted by Jim Jordan, representative of the Government Accountability office, “there are only 330 million people in the country.”
According to the FBI deputy assistant director Kimberly Del Greco, FBI uses the database when it’s needed to help ongoing probes, but many argued that FBI cannot use this technology properly and accused agents of “failing to implement adequate privacy and accuracy.”
“Our hearings have demonstrated that there is significant bipartisan concern about the use of this technology by our government against our people without adequate safeguards,” said Elijah Cummings, Oversight Committee Chairman. “In fact, some cities are already imposing their own moratoriums, and some states are withdrawing their participation in joint arrangements with federal law enforcement,” he added with reference to San Francisco, the first city to ban facial recognition technology. “We will continue to hear from additional stakeholders through our subcommittees, each of which is tasked with a specialized focus, such as safeguarding civil rights and liberties, protecting consumers, examining our government’s acquisition of this technology, and reviewing national security concerns,” Cummings said.

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