Former White House official: Christopher Wray will try to cover up FISA abuse findings


US former governor of New Hampshire and White House chief of staff for President George Bush John Sununu commented on US Senator Lindsey Graham remarks about the Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on surveillance abuses, reported Washington Examiner Tuesday.

Graham said that when the report is out, it will contain “as much of declassified information as possible.” Sununu suggested that the FBI Director Christopher Wray will try to cover up some of the findings from the report. “The only person over there that I think is going to try and prevent that is Christopher Wray who I think has really been co-opted by the FBI bureaucracy,” 

He also stated that the report will be “a great deal” for Americans.

“I think they should see it all,” Sununu said. “Because frankly there’s nothing there of substance that applies to any real intelligence process. It was all a fabricated set of intelligence relationships that were being used to entrap, if you will, the Trump administration.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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