Gowdy has changed his perspective after a transcript


In the interview with Maria Bartiromo in the programme of “Sunday Morning Futures” Gowdy told about special transcripts that can assure people of truth if they are exposed. He revealed some details of the transcript work.

Before monitoring of law enforcements conversations in real time, the representatives must record them and make any notes. Some of examples of those transcripts had already been seen and made Gowdy interested in investigation of Russian actions.

When Gowdy saw this transcript, he changed his mind on law enforcement “being unbiased and disinterested in the outcome” as everyone thinks.
He said,

“when you have information that someone you think has done something wrong has, in fact, not done something wrong, when you have exculpatory information, and you don’t share it with others, and then you put that together.”

 In Gowdy’s opinion, it is really important to share exculpatory information with a court whether you like it or do not. In this case, “your bias begins to impact the investigation.”

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