Illinois passes a new bill on abortion


After a series of laws passed by different states of America, Illinois becomes the last one to follow up. However, its new legislation on access to abortion is way opposite from those, passed previously. While Alabama, and other states, passed “fetal heartbeat bills,” which restrict abortion if the heartbeat of the fetus is detected and have no exceptions other that risk to a mother’s life, bill passed by Illinois states that it’s every woman’s “fundamental right” to be able to get an abortion and that a “fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights.”
“We’re not going back to coat hangers, we’re not going back to dying. We’re not going back. And I am proud to say Illinois is a beacon for women’s rights, for human rights,” said Melinda Bush, a member of Illinois Senate who sponsored the new legislation there.
Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy blasted those stats that passed “fetal heartbeat” bills and said that if not for abortion in the first pregnancy, she may not have become a mother-of-three.
“To our neighbors in Illinois who hear the news around the country and worry that this war on women is coming to Illinois, I say, not on my watch,” said Cassidy. “To the people in Missouri and Alabama and Georgia and Kentucky and Mississippi and Ohio, I say, not on my watch.”
Other States are reportedly working on legislations that would protect women’s rights and their access to abortion.

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