Iran’s President says talks with US “are useless”


Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, claimed Thursday that talks with the US on nuclear deal “are useless,” reported Associated Press.

Speaking at a conference in Tehran about a new long-range surface-to-air-missile system Bavar-373, President Rouhani said: “Now that our enemies do not accept logic, we cannot respond with logic.”

“When the enemy launches a missile against us, we cannot give a speech and say ‘Mr. Rocket, please do not hit our country and our innocent people. Rocket-launching sir, if you can please hit a button and self-destroy the missile in the air.”

The Bavar-373 is reportedly able to recognize approximately 100 targets at once and then it can hit them with six different weapons.

“With this long-range air defence system, we can detect … targets or planes at more than 300 km (190 miles), lock it at about 250 km, and destroy it at 200 km,” Defence Minister Amir Hatami told reporters. 

The US withdrew from the nuclear deal as President Donald Trump said the agreement did not restrict Iran’s missile program.


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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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