John Dean: Mueller report is to Trump what Watergate report was to Nixon

Muller’s investigation

John Dean, former White House official, appeared at House Judiciary Committee hearing on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, held on Monday, as a main witness.

HuffPost reported Tuesday, that Dean, who served as a counsel for former President Richard Nixon and was charged with obstruction of justice for being involved in the Watergate Scandal, said that he found many similarities between Mueller’s probe and Watergate report. “In many ways the Mueller report is to President Trump what the so-called ‘Watergate road map’… was to President Richard Nixon,” he said. “Mueller has provided this committee with a road map.”

Dean has also claimed that he believes US President Donald Trump obstructed justice and that collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russian authorities did occur. In order to prove his opinion, Dean cited a few cases covered in the report and compared them with Nixon’s actions.

During the hearing Dean said that former White House counsel Don McGahn should testify before the Committee panel. “Mr. McGahn represents not Donald Trump but the office of the president,” he said. “His client is the office of the president, and I think he owes that office his testimony before the committee.”

Earlier the same day President Trump commented on Democrats’ decision to invite Dean as a witness. “Can’t believe they are bringing in John Dean, the disgraced Nixon White House Counsel who is a paid CNN contributor. No Collusion – No Obstruction! Democrats just want a do-over which they’ll never get!” tweeted Trump.

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