Judge rules to disclose more parts of Comey memos


FBI has been ordered to disclose former FBI Director James Comey’s notes about his meetings with the US President Donald Trump, media reports say.

Federal Judge James Boasberg ordered FBI to reveal names of the world leaders and countries, which were previously redacted from Comey’s memos about his conversation with President Trump regarding Trump’s former national security  adviser Michael Flynn. According to the memos, Trump did not like the way Flynn scheduled calls from world leaders.

FBI argued that disclosure of those parts would “harm national security,” however Boasberg claimed that argument to be insufficient. “Given the statement and context, the Court has no trouble following the link offered by the FBI between disclosure and harm to national security,” Boasberg wrote.

However, some redactions will remain secret. Officials have not yet commented on the ruling.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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