New York may become first State to decriminalize prostitution


New York may become the first American State to decriminalize prostitution, reported Next City Tuesday.

At the conference held on Tuesday in downtown Manhattan, politicians introduced a Stop Violence bill, which would remove criminal penalties for selling and buying sex. Audacia Ray, ex-sex worker and one of the public advocates for the bill said that “This bill, the Stop Violence Against Sex Trades Act, is really important to me, and our entire community, to stop this violence.”

Yet, the bill supporters are divided on the point of decriminalizing sex industry as a whole or just a part of it. Some support “Swedish model”, under which the client would be criminalized while the seller of sex – decriminalized. Others claim that decriminalizing only a part of the industry would still “push women out of sex work, whether through criminalizing them or their customers.”

“Nationwide, there’s been a conversation about what we can do at the state level to protect people in the sex trades,” Ray said. “The reason we’re doing this now is it’s based on many decades or organizing and we really feel the time is right.”

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