No More Intrusion from Russia into the Referendum in Facebook


Simon Milner, Facebook’s Vice President, reported British Parliament Committee that new investigations did not find Russian intrusions into the referendum regarding Brexit 2016 through networks.

In the letter, Milner noticed that social networking checked both Facebook data and activity of thousand of advertisers during and after referendum, Reuters said.

It is also mentioned that no more additional coordinated and related to Russia profiles are not found that could delivered referendum commercial to the UK.

The Parliament and the British Electoral Commission directed requests to the three leading US Internet-companies – Facebook, Twitter and Google. They asked for information about any financial activity of profiles connected to Russia during and after the referendum on behalf of Brexit. American companies claimed that they would assist the United Kingdom authorities in this investigation.

Earlier, Juniper Downs, a Global Head for Public Policy and Government Relations in the YouTube, denounced that testimonies of Russian hackers intrusion into the referendum were not found.

A referendum on the usefulness of continuing of UK membership in the EU was on June 23, 2016. Brexit supporters gained a victory with the result of 51.9% against 48.1%.


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