Osipova-Mobley appealed sentence


Bogdana Osipova-Mobley, Russian citizen sentenced to 7 years in prison for alleged kidnapping of her on kids, appealed the sentence, reported Spuntik News.

Earlier this month Osipova has been charged with international parental kidnapping and allegedly demanding money from her former husband Brian Mobley, citizen of the US. Osipova was sentenced to 84 months in federal prison and obliged to pay $18,000 to her ex-husband.

The court filing released Friday stated that “at the request of the above-named defendant, and at the direction of the court, the Clerk has prepared and filed the following notice of appeal pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure. Notice is hereby given to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit that Defendant, Bogdana Alexandrovna Mobley, appeals from the following: Conviction and sentence.”

According to Osipova, she left the US with her kids as they were victims of domestic violence, however, court dismissed that claim for no evidence.

Russian authorities claimed charges against Osipova to be “ridiculous” and the sentence to be “unfair and inhumane.”

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