Osipova-Mobley relocated to prison in Leavenworth, Kansas


Bogdana Osipova-Mobley, sentenced to 7 years in prison Thursday for alleged kidnapping of her own children, has been transferred to Leavenworth, Kansas. She will be relocated once again in the upcoming week.

Osipova took her kids and left the US in 2014 in order to avoid domestic violence from her now-ex-husband Brian Mobley, US citizen. She came back to the US in 2017 to resolve matters regarding child custody, but was arrested by the FBI. At the hearing held on Thursday Mobley asked the judge to give Osipova a maximum prison term, even though he had previously claimed that “children should have both parents in their life.”Federal court sentenced her to 84 months in prison.

Oksana Sokolova, a lawyer contacted by Mobley, said that Mobley was “ready to give even more” than 51 percent of custody to Osipova, as Sokolova said that was the only way she’d help, but she suggested he was not sincere. Mobley, though, did not hire Sokolova, nor he paid for the work performed.

Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that the charge of kidnapping is “ridiculous” and Russian diplomats in the US have vowed to defend Osipova-Mobley.

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