Osipova’s mother: American lawyers lost files containing evidence


Yuliama Filipyuk, mother of Russian citizen Bogdana Osipova whom US federal court sentenced to 7 years in prison for allegedly kidnapping her own children, stated that family has no money to pay lawyer’s fees, Russian News Agency TASS reported.

“It’s no secret that lawyers’ fees are super high in the United States and we certainly don’t have money to pay them,” said Filipyuk. She has also mentioned that  Osipova’s current team of lawyers is the third one. According to Filipyuk, first lawyer “lost the most important files, Bogdana’s cell phone and original documents containing evidence of domestic violence on the part of Bogdana’s ex-husband Brian Mobley,” which clearly made it difficult to prove the fact that domestic violence occurred.

Last week Osipova was sentenced to 84 months in prison for “unlawfully taking her daughter to Russia and demanding money before allowing the American father to have custody of the girl,” and obliged Osipova to pay $18,000 to her ex-husband.

At the case hearing in the courtroom, Osipova agreed to bring her two daughters to the US, but Russian court did not let the children out of the country “in their best interest”, reported TASS.

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