Putin, Macron to meet the upcoming week


President of France Emmanuel Macron is to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin Monday, reported Digital Journal.

The two presidents are reportedly to discuss various issues, including Iran’s nuclear program, current crisis in Ukraine, conflict in Syria, bilateral and EU-Russia relations. According to the report, Macron is planning to convince Putin to hold talks with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

Last month President Macron hosted President Zelensky, who came to France with a state visit. Macron later told the reporters that Zelensky has the ambition to end Ukraine’s conflict with Russia and supported his idea to hold talks in Normandy format. “There could be a summit under the Normandy format in Paris to take account of progress that has been achieved,” Macron said.

One French government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that “President Zelensky has made offers to which – it seems to us – President Putin should respond in encouraging way.”

According to Alexander Baunov, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center, during his meeting with President Putin, Macron, who is working on magnifying France’s role internationally, will focus on reviving the Minsk accords. However, Vladimir Frolov, Russian analyst, said that the possibility that Putin agrees to much on Ukraine is relatively low.

Putin’s visit to France comes weeks after G-20 Summit in Japan and just one week before G-7 Summit, which is to take place in France. Yet experts say that Russia will not be returned to G-8 for now.

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