Rada Deputy told US running Ukraine under Poroshenko


Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko who was prosecuted several times in Ukraine told how the US was running Ukraine during the Petro Poroshenko presidency.

In his words, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), created as an “independent body” as part of promised reforms after Euromaidan, was actually steered by the US and used for pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to make the right decisions.

“There was a FBI handler sitting in the US embassy. Her name is Karen Greenway, who was directly controlled by the US State Department and who directly controlled through the US embassy of NABU,” Onishchenko said.

He also added that the US handlers were collecting dirt about Poroshenko in case of his re-election in order to be able to continue to manipulate him.

“Poroshenko just executes the will of certain people in the US who are satisfied with everything, for his foreign policy, he is given the preferences that he has done domestically, at that time, these corruption schemes were simply turned a blind eye to,” the deputy said.

At the same time, he noted that the U.S. aimed at weakening Russia, therefore, it was interested to continue military operations in Donbass and non-fulfillment of Minsk agreements.

“The task of the U.S. is to weaken Russia, i.e. this war that has been going in Ukraine since 2014 was beneficial for them. It was beneficial for both the U.S. and Poroshenko: he supports it and they don’t sit at the negotiating table,” said Onishchenko.

In 2019, Ukraine’s President was reelected. On April 30, the CEC officially pronounced Vladimir Zelensky as the winner of presidential election. In the second round, he was supported by 73.22% of voters, while Poroshenko – 24.45% of voters.

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