Roger Stone: Brennan must be convicted and hung for treason

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Roger Stone, Trump’s longtime adviser, claimed that John Brennan, former CIA Director, should be “hung for treason”, media reports say.

Stone posted a series of videos and memes about Brennan on his Instagram Saturday night saying that “this psycho [Brennan] must be charged, tried, convicted….and hung for treason.” The post was removed by Instagram for violating its community guidelines.

Brennan and James Comey, former FBI Director, are accused by Republicans and the US president Donald Trump of relying too much on Steele dossier when initiating the investigation into Trump presidential campaign . However, Brennan himself denied that dossier, compiled by Christopher Steele, British Intelligence officer, actually mattered. “It did not play any role whatsoever in the Intelligence Community Assessment that was done that was presented to then-President Obama and then-President-elect Trump,” said Brennan in an interview last year. “I do think it was up to the FBI to see if they could verify any of it,” he added.

Natalia Veselnitskaya
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