Rudy Giuliani says Comey is guilty, if he knew that Steele dossier was not reliable


President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed that if James Comey, former FBI director, knew that Steele Trump-Russian dossier was not a reliable source, he is guilty.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham of Fox News Giuliani said, “If Comey was knowingly signing that verified affidavit knowing that Steele was not reliable, knowing that there were things he could have verified that he didn’t, then he is guilty of making a false statement under oath.”

Giuliani has also said that Comey “put a corrupt agent in charge of that investigation,” referring to Peter Strzok, former FBI Chief of the Counterespionage Section who led the investigation into Hillary Clinton email controversy. “Peter Strzok demonstrated in his texts and a bunch of them were deleted by Mueller. People forget that months and months of Strzok-Page texts were deleted by the Mueller organization. And the press doesn’t mention that either.” Giuliani went on saying that “even with the ones we have, it’s quite clear that Peter Strzok had a plan to stop Donald Trump from being President.” “The question is how much of that did Comey know,” questioned Giuliani.

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