Russia’s special envoy in Afghanistan: Trump’s decision on Taliban is a negative signal


Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special Envoy for Afghanistan, commented on a recent statement by the US President Donald Trump about peace talks with the Taliban, Afghanistan Times reported Tuesday.

President Trump stated Monday that peace negotiations with the Taliban leader were ‘dead’ following a bombing in Kabul, which Taliban claimed to be responsible for. Kabulov said it was a “negative signal,” but expressed his hope that the talks will continue.

“This is certainly a a negative signal, but at the same time we take note of remarks by Pompeo and representatives of the Taliban group. Despite the bellicose tone of these remarks, both sides note readiness to continue dialogue,” Kabulov said.

“Since emotions are running high now, combat actions could escalate for some time, but we hope it won’t be long. We believe that in the final end this process will continue and will be successful.”

Kabulov also noted that the US and Russia are planning to discuss possible ways to resolve issues in Afghanistan. It is yet unclear when and where such a discussion may take place.

“Actually, there was no time for that, and I think that my colleague Khalilzad is now somewhere on the way from Doha if he has departed for Washington, that’s why we had no actual possibility to confirm this,” the envoy said.

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