Russian citizen Mira Terada extradited to US


Mira Terada, a Russian citizen detained in Finland in 2018, was extradited to the US on June 20th, Russian news agency Crime Russia reported Thursday.

Terada, 31-year-old woman born under name Oksana Vovk, and her mother Svetlana Rogozhin were detained while having a layover in Finland on their way from St. Petersburg to Spain by the Finnish Border Guard Service in December, 2018, as requested by the US authorities. In US Terada was accused of drug trafficking and money laundering activities performed in 2013-2016, when the woman was staying in the US. Terada did not plead guilty and denied all the accusations.

According to a report by USA Really, “the actions against Terada and her mother starting at 7:20 and continuing with forcefully taking them to Finnish territory are a clear case of state terror, violating the 1979 International Convention Against the Taking of Hostages.”

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