Russian film director suffers consequences for exploring the veracity of Browder’s claims

Real story of Browder

Andrei Nekrasov, Russian film and TV director who once was close to William Browder, an American-born manager of an investment fund specializing in Russian markets, agreed to talk about Browder’ hidden motives.

Nekrasov used to closely work with Browder on a movie about Magnitsky Act, bill passed after death of Sergei Magnitsky, Russian tax accountant, and intended to punish Russian officials for that. However, once Nekrasov started doubting Browder’s version of the events, he immediately became his “enemy”.

“Browder told me the whole story as if I was his friend or a soul-mate,” recollects Nekrasov. He is not hiding that he first believed Browder and was willing to spread his story all around the world.

“To be honest, I was ready to tell his version. I just believed that there was Magnitsky, who was tortured to death in prison,” said Nekrasov.

According to Nekrasov, Browder had always been a good psychologist and once he noticed any hesitation, he would cut off all contacts, which happened when the filmmaker asked Browder a few specific questions that he didn’t like.

While discussing the sequence of events Nekrasov asked: “There is a state register of legal entities in Russia and anyone can go and get a copy of documents from this register, for example, a copy of the statute, and then proceed with a notary, but you are saying that it’s not right?”

In response to that question Browder got frustrated, and said that those were the questions for the lawyers to answer, not for him, stood up and made an unveiled threat saying that Nekrasov should “be really careful about going out and trying to do a whole thing about Sergei not being a whistleblower. It’s not going to do well for your credibility on this to show.” Having said that, Browder has left the office, making it clear that he wouldn’t come back.

Nevertheless, Nekrasov decided to proceed with the film and show the real story. Yet the premiere of Nekrasov’s film “The Magnitsky Act – Behind the scenes” was cancelled at the very last moment. According to Nekrasov, the legal and political pressure on the film and its makers has continued ever since.

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