Russian snowboarding champion killed in Los Angeles


A Utah man Rhett McKenzie Nelson was charged with murder of two men, including Russian snowboarding champion Dmitry Koltsov and Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Joseph Solano, Los Angeles Times reported.

According to Sarah Ardani, spokeswoman for LA County coroner’s office, Monday, in downtown Los Angeles Nelson briefly spoke to Koltsov and another man, standing next to him, and then shot his gun. Koltsov died in less than 20 minutes at the scene, the second man was not injured. An hour later Nelson gunned down Solano in an Alhambra Jack in the Box restaurant.

Nelson was also charged with robbery as investigators reportedly assume that he robbed a gas station in Long Beach and suspect him of five more robberies in San Diego over the past week.

Nelson was arrested on Tuesday, after he called his father and told him he’d killed someone. If found guilty, Nelson could face death penalty or life-time imprisonment without parole.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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