Sanctions for Deripaska: sabotage its own market


Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska is allegedly going to sue the US over the sanctions that were placed on his business.

He has made a statement that he will set a “$600,000 prize fund” for journalists ready to scrutinize why he was sanctioned. In his interview with The Financial Times, Deripaska said that the US decision to sanction his business was influenced by “domestic political factors”. “Congress wants more blood… [but] Congress has no idea what is going on in Russia, or anywhere in the world,” Deripaska said. “There are no facts, no grounds, just filthy lies.” He added that Congress was “misinformed,” had a “vendetta,” and was revenge-driven. “It was the wrong impression that hurting private business in Russia would solve some problem… it is completely the opposite,” said businessman. 

Officials say that the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) did not even bother to study the aluminum market and why sanctions over the world’s largest producer have a potentially serious threat for international companies instead.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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