The U.S. Senate will publish the report on their own “Russian investigation”


The U.S. Senate will publish the report on their own “Russian investigation”

The U.S. Senate will start to publish the full version of report according to the results of their own investigation on the intrusion from Russia into the U.S. election 2016, chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Richard Burr reported.

The publication will be divided into five parts: general election security, an assessment of the actions of the administration of the former President Barack Obama, the role of social networks, the current conclusions of the committee on this issue and an analysis of the campaign of President Donald Trump and its possible ties with Russia.

The final part of the report is expected to be out in the middle or in the end of September.

Alongside for more than 2 years, Robert Mueller had been inquiring “Russian interference” into election which Moscow denies, and possible Trump’s ties with Russia that both the White House and the Kremlin disclaims, as well.

Mueller did not give a presentation of new accusations at the end of his investigation. He has previously made numerous accusations against Trump’s ex-employees for giving false testimony and other violations. Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman for U.S. President Donald Trump, was convicted for financial mismanagement and illegal lobbyist work. Mueller also accused a group of citizens of the Russian Federation of interfering into the US elections in 2016. However, none of the instituted proceedings were related to a “conspiracy with Russia” that Trump’s opponents suspected.

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