The US Congress will consider another bill against Russia and Trump


A new Bill which is intended to punish those responsible for “Russian interference in the American elections” is going to be presented to the American congress soon. It’s a new initiative by Democrat Eliot Engel the head of the international committee of the US House of Representatives.

The bill is based on the results of the investigation of US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, released on Thursday. The report claims that Russian intelligence in 2016 allegedly broke into the correspondence of members of the US Democratic Party and published it in order to influence the results of the presidential elections in the United States.

“The report presents a real picture of Russia’s large-scale attack on American democracy. I intend to submit a law that will punish those responsible and help to prevent future attempts to interfere in our elections,” 

Mueller also said that he had found a connection between Russia and Trump’s election campaign, although he was not able to find a sufficient amount of evidence to bring serious accusations against the president Trump.

Eliot Engel also intends to launch an investigation on the construction of the Trump tower in Moscow.
Democrats, saw in Trump’s intentions to enter the Russian market the elements of “collusion.” The Mueller report claims that Trump’s company has been negotiating the construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow since 2013. Despite the fact that these negotiations ended in mid-2016, the Democrats are confident that the very fact of the talks indicates the existence of “Trump’s conspiracy with Russia.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry however did not find evidence of the influence of Moscow on the American elections.

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