The US prisoners have lost 20 000 years of life to false convictions


The annual report from The National Registry of Exonerations, which has been tracking exonerations since 1989, shows that wrongly convicted prisoners spent more than 1,600 years behind bars (an average of about 11 years per person) only in 2018, which means that the amount or time served is growing. The level of official misconduct is constantly increasing and it is documented in at least 107 exonerations. 

Illinois tops the list of states for exonerations in 2018, due to Chicago’s police corruption, with 49. Texas and New York go next with 16 exonerations each. 

The US prisoners have lost 20 000 years of life to false convictions

The latest report also shows that in 70 exonerations the underlying crime did not even occur. The case of Vicente Benavides in worth noticing. The man was convicted for the rape, sodomy, and murder of a 21-mont-old girl. However, experts determined that none of it happened and the injuries that killed the girl might have been the result of a car accident. 

It is also to be mentioned that not even a half of those exonerated received any compensation for the years they had to spend behind bars. 
Two of the longest-serving defendants, Richard Phillips, who served 45 years, and Wilbert Jones, 44 years, were exonerated in 2018. According to the report both of them were convicted due to the sketchy testimony.

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