The USA creates a coalition for defence of freedom of navigation in the region of the Persian Gulf


The US creates a coalition with the allies in the purpose of provision of freedom of navigation in the region of the Persian Gulf, the agency Reuters reported.

According to the agency, there is the issue of the Sentinel program which the USA and its allies will provide with financial support.

“It is prevention as the Iranians wants to go to the gulf and do what they want, and then say that it’s not them. We know that they’ve done it,” the State Department Official claimed, adding that they will use cameras, binoculars and ships for so-called prevention.

The American Foreign Service Officer did not refine what countries join the coalition. He also avoid the answer on the question about preparation for the ship departure within this program. “The USA will take part,” he said.

On Monday the US President Donald Trump claimed that his country is not economically interested in the defence of navigation in the Strait of  Hormuz through which the major part of Middle Eastern oil is delivered as the US has become a magor producer of this raw material. In the background of the tensity between the US and Iran including in the region of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, Trump noted that China, Japan and another countries which depend on oil supply from Middle East must care about it. The American Leader highlighted again that the purpose of the US policy towards Iran is exclusion of creation of nuclear weapons and elimination of terror support by this country which Washington accuses Teheran of.

On June 23, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced that he was setting off  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to have the negotiations on the situation around Iran. Speaking about his trip to the Arabian Peninsula, the State Secretary noted that he was going to have talks with representatives of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in order to “make sure of the strategic coherence” of the US with its allies on the situation around Iran. According to him, it is planned to discuss the possibility of “creating a global coalition” against Tehran.


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