Trump clarifies his recent comments on accepting “oppo research”


US President Donald Trump has clarified his comments about accepting information about his political rivals from foreign countries.

In a Friday interview with Fox News over the phone Trump said that he would definitely look through the information when it is offered by a foreign government and hand it over to the FBI if there was something “incorrect or badly stated.”

“If I was, and of course you have to look at it because if you don’t look at it you’re not going to know if it’s bad … of course you give it to the FBI or report it to the attorney general or somebody like that. But of course you’d do that, you couldn’t have that happen with our country,” Trump told “Fox & Friends”. “And everybody understands that and I thought it was made clear,” he added. “In fact, I actually said, at the beginning, I said I’d do both. If you don’t hear what it is, you won’t know what it is.”

“If I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated, I’d report it to the attorney general, the FBI, I’d report it to law enforcement absolutely.”

Trump has also noted that he holds meetings with many foreign officials and they “have many conversations,” he therefore questioned, “if they say ‘we don’t like your opponent’ am I supposed to, the president of France, am I supposed to report him to the FBI?”

President also mentioned Steele dossier funded by Hillary Clinton campaign and used to “spy” on his campaign. “Here’s the bottom line: they spied on my campaign and they got caught,” Trump said. “They spied on the opposing party’s campaign using the intelligence apparatus of the United States.”

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