Trump is weak at government issues


Majority of asked Americans does not support Donald Trump’s policy. The Associated Press-NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research poll managed to observe his views on the US economy but considered it weak at other important issues.

The ratio between people who endorse Trump’s presidency is 36% of supporters against 62% of opponents. The figures could not work to his advantage. In such polls, the rate of supporters has never moved behind 42% and below 32% after his election compared to the rate of the Gallup poll that had never dropped below 42% while Obama’s presidency.

Such a percentage reflects the acting President’s treatment to immigration, healthcare, foreign policy and weapon control. However, his views on the US economy can play in his favor regardless the danger of potential recession. Less than 60% dislike his treatment to other issues. That shows citizens’ mistrust while string of crisis and revolting statements during his speech in the White House.

The last poll followed the mass shooting in Ohio and then-undertaken measures to prevent consequences of suspect attacks. Therefore, 36% endorse Trump’s policy on weapon control while 62% do not.

“He does whatever’s politically expedient. He’s awful,” said Robert Saunders, a retired policeman from New-Jersey.

Donald Trump announced to conduct tougher checks in the country, and Republicans’ views on the gun policy were divided. 64% of Moderate and liberal Republicans against 75% of Conservative supported the President. Nevertheless, some Democrats share their views on his policy, 16% of them do not approve of his Economy policy but notice improvement of the US situation.

“The economy is doing OK, but he’s doing a horrible job for the country,” said John Sollenberger of Philadelphia.

“He’s kind of a bully, but I’ve seen some improvement. Our unemployment rate has definitely dropped,” said Mandi Mitchell, a Democrat from North Carolina.

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