Trump, Macron paid tribute in Normandy


Thursday morning the US President Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, French President, attended a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy landings. The two presidents spoke out at the ceremony addressing veterans and the assembled crowds.

Jim Acosta, CNN White House correspondent, who has been criticizing Trump, said that president’s speech was “the most on message moment of Donald Trump’s presidency.”

 “To the men that sit behind me and to the boys that rest in the field before me, your example will never grow old. Your legend will never die,” said Trump. “Veterans of the Second World War who join us today, you are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live. You are the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our Republic and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

While Trump’s speech expressed gratitude to those who fought “for future nations,” Macron’s speech was more political. “Dear Donald Trump,” he said, “the United States is never greater than when it is fighting for the freedom of others. The United States of America is never greater than when it shows its loyalty. Loyalty to the universal values that the founding fathers defended, when nearly two and a half centuries ago France came to support its independence. Being worthy of the promise of Normandy means never forgetting that free people, when they join forces, can surmount any adversity.”

“We shall never cease to perpetuate the alliance of free peoples. That is what the victorious sides did, when they created the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. That is what a few years later the leaders of Europe did in bringing about the European Union. The lessons of Colleville-sur-mer are clear: liberty and democracy are inseparable.”

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